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Our Next Adventure

As many of you know, we have finished our Moroccan adventure.  We loved our time in this country, but it was time to go.  If you would like to check out our next  adventure – stop by our new blog – RVing with the Raki’s.  We have purchased an RV and are traveling around the US, Canada, and wherever else we may wander with our three children.  We will be homeschooling the boys in English, French and Arabic, while exploring the great outdoors, eating local,  (and as organic as possible) and seeing what new lessons life has in store for us.  Here’s a peek at our new home:


At our new blog, you will find blog posts from ALL the members of our family, so please stop by and see where we’re at!

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Chore Checkbook

printable chore checkbook - help kids earn money and keep track of it - freeLast year, we were lucky enough to have a “femme de menage” come out and help us out with chores around the house.  However, this year we have a big goal – we want to spend all of next summer (or as much as we can afford) traveling & camping in Europe.  With this goal in mind, we are economizing and doing without any household help for the year.  However, we are lucky enough to have two children old enough to be quite helpful, and we plan to put them to work!   Lucky for them, we are willing to compensate them, since it will also be a great way to teach them about budgeting and work on a bunch of math skills.  We sat down as a family and created a chore list, assigning a price to each chore, and I’ve made the boys checkbooks to help them keep track of the money they earn and spend, so that I don’t have to constantly find dirhams to pay them with.  The boys are super excited about this – especially because I have offered to exchange their dirhams to dollars (more math lessons!) and allow them to download games, books and music to their “devices”.  Anyways, while I was making the checkbook, I realized that it is something I might use in my classroom too, so I decided to put it into Google Docs, just in case anyone else wanted to use it – for inspiration or printing!  If any other parents out there want to share their chore payment ideas – I’m always open minded to options!!

Heidi Raki of Raki's Rad Resources

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