Vacation’s Finished

18 Aug

For the last 2 years, our family has been pretty much in high gear movement mode (with a few long weekends thrown in for sanity).  Before deciding to move to Morocco, I was finishing my Master’s Degree (which took it’s toll on EVERYONE in the family) and then I got pregnant with our youngest son, Sam (which also took it’s toll on EVERYONE in the family).  While pregnant, we decided to do an international move – here to Morocco, and life has been in high speed since, packing, moving, setting up house, starting the Raki’s Rad Resources Blog and Website, getting 2 kids settled into school in two new languages, have wonderful family come to visit, moving house again, tutoring, etc. etc.  We have been one BUSY family.  So, we decided to take 2 weeks in the south of Morocco to recharge our batteries before the new school year starts and we begin running again!

Here are some pictures of what we did for the last two weeks:

Camping in Agadir, Morocco   Camping in Agadir, Morocco  Camping in Agadir, Morocco

At our campsite

Waterfall Near Agadir, Morocco     Waterfall Near Agadir, Morocco   Waterfall Near Agadir, Morocco

At the waterfall

Agadir, Morocco   Agadir, Morocco    Agadir, Morocco

Amazing Scenery

Beach in Agadir, Morocco   Beach in Agadir, Morocco  Beach in Agadir, Morocco

At the Beach

Swimming in Agadir, Morocco   Swimming in Agadir, Morocco  Swimming in Agadir, Morocco

At the Pool & Aquatic Park

Historical sites near Agaidr, Morocco  Historical sites near Agaidr, Morocco  Historical sites near Agaidr, Morocco

At the Historic Sites

Animals of Agadir, Morocco     Animals of Agadir, MoroccoAnimals of Agadir, Morocco

The Animals

Right before we left, we talked as a family about what our favorite part of vacation was and here were the responses:

Sam – collecting rocks (okay, he can’t talk, but we spoke for him)

Zaiyd – finding lots of different places to swim

Kal – going to the waterfall

Mom (Heidi) – the beautiful scenery

Dad (Khalil) – the great neighbors we met from France


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