It’s been too long!

18 Mar

Wow, I bet you guys thought I fell off the face of the earth!  I promise you I haven’t.  I’m still here in Morocco, COLLABORATIVE BLOGSteaching and working hard at being a mommy!  I’ve also been working hard at my “business” – Raki’s Rad Resources.  I am running a blog called Raki’s Rad Resources, as well as blogging on 3 collaborative blogs – Simply Learning Centers, Classroom Freebies Too and Connect-a-Blog (where I write a Monday from Morocco post each week).  So, I have been blogging, just not here – lol!  Here is an update on what we’ve been up to, as well as a promise to blog on here at least once a week!!

  – Kal & Zaiyd are attending a Moroccan private school called Groupe Escolaire de Tournesol (Sunflower School).  100_7086They go to school in French for half of the day and Classical Arabic for the other half of the day.  In addition to learning French & Arabic, they are learning Darija – the Moroccan dialect of Arabic, as this is what they speak with their friends on the playground!  Both are doing well within their programs!  Kal is able to read and write in Arabic and French, and his speaking and understanding is coming along.  Zaiyd can recognize his letters, numbers and colors in Arabic and French and is just starting to speak and understand them.  Zaiyd is also learning to read in English at home – so he’s been a busy boy!

– Sam just turned one!  He is also starting to walk and loves to tear all the toys out of the box and throw them on 100_7132the floor!  He drives Halima, our nanny, crazy, but she loves him none the less and speaks to him in Darija all day long.  He understands words in both Darija and English, but he isn’t speaking at all himself, except to point at the food he wants and go ehhhh!


– We have recently been to Fez, Meknes and Ifrane, which was all amazing and beautiful.  We took way too many pictures, slept in a hotel right next to the old Medina, and walked until our legs hurt – it was great!

– In January, we took a weekend trip to Seville, Spain.  We loved Spain so much!  After the 100_6485comedy of errors getting there (missing our rental car, paying for a taxi to the airport, getting charged for two cars, getting charged for an extra hotel room for Sam) we had 3 amazing days walking around and seeing all the sights.  We hope to go back to Spain, and possibly Portugal over the summer.

– Raki has decided not to do his residency, but has kept himself very busy teaching English, freelancing as a medical writer and helping me to run my Raki’s Rad Resources business.

– My school year is almost over.  It has been challenging, but I have grown so much as a teacher!  I am really enjoying teaching first grade and teaching students to read for the first time!  I will be teaching first grade again next year, and I’m looking forward to it.


That’s all for now, but I promise to try and check in weekly!


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