And Then They Bring Out the Tea

25 Sep

We’ve been lucky enough to go to some fabulously amazing meals/events since we arrived in Morocco.  We have been to simple meals in the homes of my husband’s family.  We have been to fancy meals in the homes of parents of students at my school.  We have even been to an incredible pool party at a beautiful beach house in Mohammedia.  Each of these meals were different.  Some were simple tagine meals, with meat, vegetables and bread where you sat on the floor to eat.  Others were buffets of multiple, multiple delicacies including cow’s brain and b’stilla.  However, every meal that we eat here outside of our house, and many in our house, have three things in common:

1.  Food is not rushed – it is brought out slowly, in courses, so that you have time to enjoy each and everything you put into your mouth.  See my post about food in Morocco for more info on what these courses consist of. 

tea in morocco2.  Company is cherished – Food is not normally brought out the moment you arrive, and if it is, it is an “appetizer or snack”.  Conversation is welcome and necessary before, during and after each meal.

3.  Tea is served.  Just when you think the day can’t get any better, and you couldn’t enjoy the food or company any more – tea is brought out.  The tea is served extremely hot, so that you must wait (and talk) before you drink it.  Sometimes it is served with just nuts, or crackers, but often it includes a full desert, with cookies, cakes etc.

The focus of these meals is a common theme in Morocco, take time, talk, enjoy yourself, and have a cup of tea!


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2 responses to “And Then They Bring Out the Tea

  1. Gracie Williams

    September 28, 2011 at 9:25 pm

    Very very interesting how they make it to where you have to talk. Love you Ms.Raki! Oh yeah, I wrote a story and I thought it was pretty good and I read it to my class and they LOVED it so Ms.Williams is going to enter it in a contest so that i can hopefully win money. Take a look!
    Rest In Peace
    “Let her rest in peace,” it was my funeral day, the last day to see what I looked like. I was watching from above when I saw my best buds, Luke and Rosie. I wish I could say good-bye to them but now I am a ghost. It turns out I have some unfinished business here on earth, that is why I am still here. Luke and Rosie get into Luke’s grandmothers van and drive away. Oh sorry, my name is Gracie.
    I let my muscles loosen and I drift slowly away with the wind. I could see Rosie sobbing and Luke try to comfort her, and then a tear trickled down his face. After they started to calm down some, they saw a bright orange poster with black letters that read “HALOWEEN SLEEPOVER.” Luke said he was going and Rosie knew she didn’t have it in her to let him go by himself, so she said she was going too. The sleepover was a contest, which contestant could stay in the haunted mansion the longest. 8 days later at 9 o’clock sharp they met, just as they had promised. They headed toward the mansion in silence.
    The eerie fog drifted away just so I could see them walk up the old creaky stairs. I followed them in and made it just in time before the door slammed. I floated up to a point where I could see everything. It wasn’t long before I noticed something very odd, a transparent figure in human form. After a while of staring at the strange object, I figured out that it was my enemy, Will. Since he was a ghost too, I decided I would go talk to him, no promise he would say anything back.
    “Hey,” I said softly, in a way hoping that he wouldn’t hear me. He turned his head and stared at me as if I had just stabbed him. Through clenched teeth he managed to release, “Get away!” I staggered backwards then floated back up to my hideout. I still didn’t know what I did to make him so furious.
    At 11 o’clock sharp the contest started. Everyone got set for the night, except for Rosie. She was pacing the floor and was scared to death. She knew for sure she wouldn’t win, she just went for the sake of Luke’s feelings. Luke looked like the most confident one there, chest poked out and bragging. He was positive he would win but he didn’t know what was to come.
    Ding, ding, ding, the clock chimed midnight. It had been a very quiet hour and Rosie had settled down some. It seemed just in time to break the silence, a little girl came screaming and running down the stairs. I knew something was up and I thought I knew who planned it, Will. “Ghost, ghost,” cried the girl with enough fear in her voice to share with everyone in the room. The little girl ran out the door screaming and flailing her arms all the way home.
    Some people were spooked but others were completely ignorant of the event. It was a completely different atmosphere in the old room everyone sat in. I could see Will snickering in the corner then I knew my guess was right. Little did I know that was not all he had planned. A boy climbed the stairs cautiously then turned the corner and disappeared. A while later he reappeared on the banister. I looked away and……. thump, crack!
    I turned back around to see the same boy lying at the bottom of the stairs in a pool of blood. People rushed over like a swarm of bees. It wasn’t long before the victim’s mother and father showed up crying rivers of tears. Wee ooh, wee ooooohh, you could hear the ambulance sirens getting louder and louder. Luke and Rosie were huddling in the corner staring at the pool of blood.
    “Never go upstairs,” warned Rosie to the medics. They looked at her as if she was the one who needed to go to the hospital. Rosie was scared to death and Luke was starting to lose his confidence in winning. When everything started to calm down again, I confronted Will once more. “Why did you do that?” I asked him. This time, he replied with ease, “To get a laugh out of you Gracie! You are so serious these days.” I could almost see smoke coming out of my ears as I stared at Wills cold dead eyes. “You killed an innocent little boy to make me laugh?!?!?” I screamed. I stormed back up to my hideout.
    I could tell Will was unhappy with my reaction, the scowl on his face showed it. After a while, I started daydreaming when a deafening clonk interrupted my thoughts. A rush of people headed toward the rather scrawny girl on the floor. A few people just didn’t want to risk it and ran for the door. The people who were left tended for the girl who had fallen. The scowl on Wills face returned when the ambulance pulled up.
    Everyone started to grasp the concept that after the second time it wasn’t just a coincidence. I stared at Will, my eyes full of hatred. I didn’t understand why he would do that to innocent children. One of the victim’s brothers climbed the stairs in search of answers. I wish I could warn him when I saw Will coming. What I predicted happened; he now lay at the bottom of the stairs, his blonde hair stained red. As frustrating as it was, I had to stay to make sure that Luke and Rosie stayed safe.
    One by one, people left the mansion in search of a safer place to be. Rosie was about to leave but Luke begged her to stay, so she did. Luke and Rosie were joined by only a few other kids who looked about 15. They were gossiping about something when one of them suggested they leave. They didn’t bother to argue, the herd of people just left.
    That left only Luke and Rosie, but there could only be one winner. They talked about who would leave and where they would meet the other. Meanwhile, I attempted once more to talk to Will for a different reason though. I was going to ask him why he was so furious with me. I approached him and curiously asked “What did I ever do to make you so mad with me?” He replied with hatred in his voice “Because I was not the one who was able to kill you.”
    I was very offended by the comment that Will made. Rosie and Luke had made a decision that Rosie would leave and meet Luke at The Fudge Shop at 2 in the morning. All was going as planned so far. Then out of nowhere came BANG! I looked over and saw Luke’s face on the mangled body on the floor.
    “Let him rest in peace,” it was my funeral day, the last day to see what I looked like. I was watching from above when I saw my best bud, Rosie. I wish I could say goodbye to her but now I am a ghost. Turns out I have some unfinished business on earth, which is why I am still here. Oh sorry, my name is Luke and I am the winner of the sleepover contest.

    • Gracie Williams

      September 29, 2011 at 8:58 pm

      do you like it?


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