Final Projects as a Technology Teacher

01 May

Two years ago, I was excitedly preparing for a new position in the computer lab.  I had asked for this position, I had begged for this position, and finally, I had this position.  Now, I am preparing to leave this position, and it is one of the things that makes this move bitter sweet.  I will miss my students and fellow teachers, and I will miss seeing my kids stretch themselves, utilizing many different technology programs and concepts.

However, I am very excited with the final products that came out of our final projects.  For this project, my 1st – 5th grade students researched a person from their Social Studies curriculum, and used the research to create a Power Point presentation.  The 3rd – 5th graders also learned to make graphs in Excel and included a graph about their person in their presentations.  I wish I could say that every student finished, but that isn’t true.  However, every student showed progress in technology skills and writing skills through this project.  Many of my fellow teachers allowed their students additional time in class, bringing many more students to a completion that would otherwise have been possible.

This past week, the kids "showcased" their works in a Slide Show Spectacular, where each child put their work on their individual computer, and the students circulated to see the finished projects.  Seeing the work of their peers made students realize how many different designs, animations and transitions are possible with Power Point.  This was a great way to end my stint as "Technology Teacher".

Here are samples of this technology project:

First Grade:  TechnologyAmazingAmericansPrimary  Third Grade:  TechnologyAmazingAmericans


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2 responses to “Final Projects as a Technology Teacher

  1. Dashne Torchon

    August 3, 2011 at 10:15 pm

    Hi Mrs.Raki. I am having a fantastic summer. I hope you are to.

  2. Evin Neals

    August 6, 2011 at 11:10 pm

    Hi Mrs.Raki. I hope you and your family are doing well and was just wondering about what type of games they play in morrocco? So iwas hoping you would write about that.

    From, Evin


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